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Press Release: The Horror Mall to Open End of October

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on October 22, 2007 Big news from Bloodletting Books!!!! We will officially be opening a new bookstore with Shane Staley the publisher of Delirium Books. The site will go live on Halloween and will be the most state of the art online genre bookstore in existence. This new and greatly improved site will be Bloodletting Books new home. With the expansion of both Bloodletting's bookstore and publishing business it has become necessary to separate Bloodletting Press from Bloodletting's bookstore and this new site will allow us to do just that. We will maintain our current website for promoting Bloodletting Press titles only. So in short Bloodletting bookstore is just moving its store to the Horror Mall, everything will be the same but you'll see a huge improvement in the site and service. We are going to stock more books than ever before from the finest authors in the genre. There is no need to worry about past orders as all current orders are recorded and secured and will be processed as normal. What's different about this site from other bookstores? Basically, it's an online mall. There will be different sellers and stores providing different products, but all stores will be under a single checkout process, so customers will be able to shop in one place for all your horror needs. Bloodletting Books will be the primary bookseller at Horror Mall. All genre titles sold at Bloodletting Books' will now be sold through the bookstore at Horror Mall. Shane and I will be working together to stock the site with nearly every major small press release. Just as with all your past purchases at Bloodletting Books we will continue to provide the warehouse and shipping for all books purchased so you will see no difference in our customer service but a great difference in quality and ease of use with our new website. Shane and I have been working together on this for quite some time now, as we agreed early on that what the horror genre needed most was a central place to come together to buy books and other products. Delirium Books was branching out into the selling of other publisher's books and instead of competing with each other, Shane and I decided to unite and work together to build a mega-site dedicated to the best this genre has to offer. Horror Mall will focus on cross-promoting horror literature with movies and art, among other things. Other features of the site will include a message board and blog which will be linked to a newsletter that will go out to everyone who wants to know when new products are added to the mall. The site will also feature a customer points system similar to Delirium's where you earn points for each purchase which can be used as cash towards future orders. Also, as customer service has been a key to both Bloodletting's and Delirium's success, the new site will include a customer support system where customers can submit their questions via a ticket and track its progress online and through e-mail. There's a lot more to discuss, but for those of you that want to be on the mailing list from the beginning, you can join the newsletter by clicking the link below: Sign up for the Horror Mall Daily Newsletter ( ) Source: Bloodletting Books (

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