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Archive for the ‘Horror Podcasts’ Category Podcast: August 14, 2005 – Catching Up

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on August 14, 2005 Sorry for the delay! We've got news of David Cronenberg's latest, or rather, what won't be his latest; Why Wes Craven almost replaced the lead in Red Eye during filming, Hammer Horror DVD releases, IFC '80s Slashback Movie Marathon and news for all devil monkey lovin' horror hounds. Podcast: June 3, 2005 – Landini the Magnificent by Horror Author Matthew Warner

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on June 3, 2005 Don't miss this week's installment when Horror Author Matthew Warner drops by Really Scary to share a little tale of horror. We've also got news of a new flick from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez...and it's all horror baby! Podcast: May 17, 2005 – Electronic Entertainment Expo Coverage

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on May 17, 2005 We may be too broke to travel to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) but we can damn sure dig around for the best horror genre videogame news out there. And did we dig! We've got news of some horror heavyweights getting their hands dirty with some new games - George Romero, Clive Barker, Tom Savini. Get all the genre videogame news there is to get in this special E3 installment of the Really Scary Podcast. Podcast: Friday the 13! (May) 2005

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on May 13, 2005 It's Friday the 13th and Really Scary dissertates on all things Friday the 13th-ish! We also cover a bit about a new movie starring Friday the 13th's Besty Palmer and Warrington Gillette. That's right! Jason and Mrs. Voorhees are together again in a new horror flick filming in NYC! Also a bit about Dean Koontz' latest novel Velocity, Quentin Tarantino wants a TV series, and Really Scary is in Guam baby! Podcast: May 1, 2005

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on May 1, 2005 The Really Scary Forum is live! It's alive! Also news about Saw 2 poster, Takashi Miike's One Missed Call, George Romero's Land of the Dead trailer, and a quick update from Mick Garris about Stephen King's Desperation and Masters of Horror. Podcast: April 27, 2005

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on April 27, 2005 We talk about a slew of horror movie trailers that have just hit including Haute Tension (High Tension), Night Watch, The Devil's Rejects, The Island. Also news on our latest contest giveaway: The Hitchhiker Vol. 2 DVD sets! Podcast: March 26, 2005

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on March 26, 2005 News on Salma Hayek taking on a serial killer role, Rob Zombie and his latest the Devil's Rejects, and M. Night Shyamalan moves over to Warner Bros. for his new flick. Podcast: March 9, 2005

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on March 9, 2005 We've got news about Jennifer Aniston and Meryl Streep in prison, Quentin Tarantino in talks with New Line about directing a Friday the 13th flick, the final Star Trek Enterprise episode probably sucks and so much more for your megabyte downloading pleasure! Podcast: March 1, 2005

Posted by Really Scary Podcast on March 1, 2005 Breaking news about a new Stephen King antho TV series, The Fog remake, Evil Dead remake, a new Stephen King novel coming this October, Felicity Star in a cannibal fetish flick and much more!

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