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New Trailer for ‘Death House’ – Dubbed ‘The Expendables’ of Horror

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

"They've got some surprises waiting for you and your girl here." Cleopatra Ent. has unveiled a new official trailer for an indie horror film titled Death House , which first premiered at a small festival last year but didn't show up at too many other places.

Johnny OleksinskiFinally, horror movies are starting to suck less

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

The latest "Halloween" sequel , starring a returning Jamie Lee Curtis, is set to break a franchise box-office record, taking in a projected $50 million this weekend . Some reports suggest that number could end up as high as $70 million.

Movie Guide: Capsule listings Oct. 17

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

Ratings by the Motion Picture Association of America are: for general audiences; parental guidance urged because of material possibly unsuitable for children; parents are strongly cautioned to give guidance for attendance of children younger than 13; restricted, younger than 17 admitted only with parent or adult guardian; no one 17 and younger admitted. , Justin Chang and other reviewers.

10 Movie Vehicles Guaranteed to Kill You Faster Than Carbon Emissions

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

Motor vehicles can kill us any number of ways. Sure, we can get hit by a car or a plane could crash or a train derail, but that's passA©! Nowadays planes, trains, and automobiles can kill you uniquely: through climate change.

Blumhouse has never produced a theatrically released horror movie…

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

With a brain for spooking audiences on a tight budget, the 49-year-old producer has spent more than a decade redefining the horror genre - and changing the Hollywood business model in the process - with films like Paranormal Activity , Insidious , The Purge and Get Out . This month, his mini empire, Blumhouse Productions, will release a new sequel in the Halloween franchise , which picks back up with the masked serial killer Michael Myers and his ultimate prey, Laurie Strode .

MoviePass Films Still Exists, Releasing Horror Film ‘The Reckoning’ From Director Neil Marshall

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

Rumors of the death of MoviePass have been greatly exaggerated. Sort of. While the theater subscription service has gone through an extremely rough patch in the last few months, they're still around - and so is MoviePass Films, the folks that brought us Gotti ! The latest venture from MoviePass Films is a horror flick from The Descent and Hellboy reboot director Neil Marshall .

John Carpenter And Jason Blum Don’t Think The Current Horror Boom Is Going To Last Long

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 17, 2018

In case you haven't heard, we are in the midst of a horror boom. We've not only seen a surprising number of legitimately great scary movies in the last year, but audiences are also eating them up and generating shocking box office numbers.

Carbonear man excited to host first ever N.L. Horror Convention

Posted by Horror Movies News on October 16, 2018

Andre Sparkes, cosplaying as Jason Voorhees of "Friday the 13th," will be a special guest at the first ever N.L. Horror Convention event being held in Carbonear Oct. 19-20. - Grant Pelley "I'm a big horror buff, and I can't be the only horror buff in Newfoundland, I refuse to believe that," says Carl Penney as he started putting pen to paper to create the first ever N.L. Horror Convention.

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