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‘Taken’ dives into the story of an action hero’s past

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 25, 2017

Clive Standen stars as a younger Bryan Mills in NBC's "Taken," a prequel to the film franchise. Styled as a prequel to Luc Besson's vigilante action trilogy of the same name, "Taken," which premieres in series form Monday on NBC, does share with the films a lead character named Bryan Mills, originally played by Liam Neeson , and instances in which a character is "taken."

With ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ costumer Colleen Atwood conjures her 12th Oscar nomination

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 25, 2017

Colleen Atwood laughed softly into the phone as she spoke of her career as one of the most Oscar-celebrated costume designers of all time. "It's sometimes underrated in terms of the level of skill it takes to accomplish," she said.

Long-standing Hornchurch theatrical group prepares to stage dark tale …

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 25, 2017

The Havering Music Makers' latest show is Sweeney Todd at the Kenneth More Theatre, running from March 2-4. Nick Ford is photographed here.

The Best Comic Book Movies of All Time

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 25, 2017

Every week, we attempt to answer a new pop culture related question. This week's edition of /Answers asks the following: Which is your favorite comic book movie adaptation? And when we say comic book movies, we don't just mean superhero movies.

Liam Neeson Action Fans Will Have To Wait Even Longer For His Next Film To Hit Theaters

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 24, 2017

Ever since the release of Taken , Liam Neeson has established himself as one of the most popular leading men in the action genre. That reputation has only been enhanced thanks to the likes of Unknown , Non-Stop and Run All Night .

Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: The AI baby that just grew up

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 24, 2017

If you cried while staring empathetically into the eyes of a giant ape in Sir Peter Jackson's remake of the movie King Kong , then you have experienced the incredible human expression research of Dr Mark Sagar. The Oscar winning Auckland University professor combines his skills in mathematics, engineering, and art and is about to totally change how we interact with computers.

Jordan Peele’s Get Out takes on the horror of racism in Stepford…

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 24, 2017

George A. Romero still insists, whenever chance occasions the opportunity, that Night of the Living Dead is not a film about race - that the bitterly ironic ending, in which the black hero is mistaken for a zombie and shot dead by a zealous band of white vigilantes, has no political import to speak of, and that anyway, how could it be, because star Duane Jones was cast strictly on the merit of his audition, and the screenplay never specified the colour of the character's skin. But if Romero's disavowals can't seem to quash the established reading - if that ending prevails nonetheless as a trenchant yawp against the violence of white supremacy - it is perhaps because the genre lends itself so readily to metaphor.

The 10 Greatest Horror Movies Made By First-Time Directors

Posted by Horror Movies News on February 24, 2017

Horror films have proven to be quite a fertile playground for first time directors. Burgeoning filmmakers have been able to have fun and strut their stuff within the constraints of the genre, all without spending dozens of millions of dollars.

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