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The Darkness Compendium Edition (Compendium)

Posted by horror comics in on May 16, 2007 The Darkness Compendium Edition (Compendium) On his 21st birthday, the awesome and terrible powers of the Darkness awaken within Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman for the Franchetti crime family. There's nothing like going back to the beginning and reading it all over again. See how the Darkness first appeared and threw Jackie into the chaotic world of the supernatural. Get the first appearance of The Magdalena and more!

Author: Garth Ennis, Paul Jenkins, Marc Silvestri, Joe Benitez
Paperback:Â 1248 pages
Company: Top Cow Productions/Image Comics (2006-12-25)
ISBN:Â 158240643X
List Price:Â $59.99
Amazon Price:Â $249.89
Used Price:Â $148.00

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