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World Horror Convention Set for Austin, TX in 2011

Posted by Paul Puglisi on June 15, 2009 June 15, 2009

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Award Winning and Critically Acclaimed Author Sarah Langan confirmed as Guest of Honor

 Austin – June 15   The World Horror Society has named Austin, Texas as the location for the 2011 World Horror Convention (WHC).  The international gathering of horror’s brightest talents and their fans will take place from April 28th through May 1st, 2011.

Austin, Texas was chosen for its unique style and rich genre history. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed near the city, and the remakes of both Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th were filmed in town.  Austin also serves as home to the largest urban bat colony in North America, and at sunset 1.5 million bats fly over the city, truly marking it as a horror locale. (There’s a reason the city’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”)

“Texas has a long history of strange fiction, serving as home to such luminaries as Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and Joe R. Lansdale,” says Convention Co-Chair, Nate Southard. “Bringing the World Horror Convention to Austin is a natural.  It’s a vibrant city with a taste for the eccentric and a love of the arts. Further, its central, southern location makes it convenient for travelers throughout

BRIAN KEENE Updates Us on His 2008 Publishing Schedule

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on December 26, 2007 BRIAN KEENE (The Rising ( tag=horficnewnet-20 linkCode=as2 camp=1789 creative=9325 creativeASIN=0843952016), Dead Sea ( tag=horficnewnet-20 linkCode=as2 camp=1789 creative=9325 creativeASIN=084395860X), Ghoul ( tag=horficnewnet-20 linkCode=as2 camp=1789 creative=9325 creativeASIN=0843956445)) has updated us on his publication schedule for 2008. He includes works that are set with dates to be published in 2008 as well as work that have no set publication dates but expect to be released in this coming year. 2008 TITLES WITH PUBLICATION DATES: The Little Silver Book of Streetwise Stories ( Borderlands Press Publication Date: January 08 This 20,000 word short story collection is part of Borderlands' 'Little Book' series. Intended to be a 'best of', it actually features more new stories than old, including the tale of Ob versus Santa Claus, and a sequel to I Am An Exit . Dark Hollow ( cat=251 page=1) Leisure Books Publication Date: February 08 This is an affordable, mass-market paperback edition of my out of print and hard-to-find novel, The Rutting Season. There are no textual changes, but if you already own a copy of The Rutting Season, I hope that you'll do me a favor and pick up this version as well. If you do, at the end, you'll find an exclusive preview of Ghost Walk. Sales copy: Something strange is happening in LeHorn's Hollow. Eerie piping music is heard at night and mysterious fires blaze deep in the woods. Women are vanishing overnight without a trace, leaving behind their families. When up-and-coming novelist Adam Senft stumbles upon the secret, it plunges him and the entire town into the midst of an ancient nightmare. Folks say LeHorn's Hollow is haunted, but what waits there is far worse than any ghost. It has been summoned... and now it demands to be satisfied. 2008 TITLES WITHOUT PUBLICATION DATES: The River This short story, based on the song by Bruce Springsteen, appears in an anthology called Darkness on the Edge, forthcoming in 2008 from PS Publishing. Untitled This short story, set in the Hellboy universe, appears in a forthcoming 2008 anthology called Hellboy: Oddest Jobs. House of Ushers This short story, set in Edward Lee's version of Hell, appears in an untitled anthology of Edward Lee tribute stories, forthcoming in 2008 from Necro Publications. Halves White Noise Press This 6,000 word chapbook is a story about a stray cat, an imaginary friend, and what happens when somebody leaves a door to the Labyrinth hanging wide open. You can see the rest of the publication schedule at his website. ( Source: Brian Keene (


Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on November 20, 2007 NECESSARY EVIL PRESS has announced that they will be publishing a new novel from JAMES A. MOORE. DEEPER is the first book by JAMES A. MOORE to be published through NECESSARY EVIL PRESS and it will be issued in two states; 500 Limited numbered hardcovers signed by James A. Moore and 26 Lettered deluxe hardcovers with a metal traycase signed by James A. Moore and Alan M. Clark (Each lettered copy will come with an original remarque from Alan M. Clark and a manuscript page from the story signed by Moore.) The lettered edition is already marked as sold out through the publisher. To coincide with the publication of DEEPER, NECESSARY EVIL PRESS will be publishing a short story by MOORE on their website. You can download the first chapter here. ( About DEEPER There are rumors that Golden Cove is haunted. That's why Joe Bierden and his crew are hired to take a group of scientists to the area for a month of research. For Joe, it's easy money. He plans to do a little fishing, some relaxing and simply enjoy the easiest gig of his life. At least that's the plan. Sometimes easy money isn't as easy as you expect. There are things moving in the water, and ghostly apparitions which seem undeniably real. Joe's problems get worse when he and his crew save a drowning girl who disappears only minutes later, and the scientific team captures an aquatic monster that appears almost…human. They drag it aboard and take it back to shore for experimentation, realizing only too late that the monster has a family who wants it back. A very, very big family. All the whispers about Golden Cove and its strange inhabitants are as true today as they were when the little fishing village had a different name and a truly dark reputation. Those who thought that the horror in Innsmouth had been vanquished one-hundred years ago were wrong. And it just might cost Joe and his colleagues their lives. Deeper: Sometimes there's nowhere to go but down.Source: Necessary Evil Press (

CLIVE BARKER Interview with REUTERS: Horror Needs More Fantasy

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on November 8, 2007 CLIVE BARKER has a new interview with Reuters UK for his new book MISTER B GONE. NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - The rise of horror movies dubbed torture porn has author Clive Barker wary about people using the H-word around his work. British-born Barker, 55, has written about 20 books, earning himself the title of the father of fantasy horror, with his writing characterized by hidden fantastical worlds and the role of the supernatural. His latest book, Mister B. Gone, starts with fiendish narrator Jakabok Botch imploring readers to: Burn This Book and vowing to release the full force of his blood lust if he doesn't get his way. Q: So you wouldn't call your books horror? A: I am not sure the H word -- horror -- is terribly useful. I think it is fine if you are describing the movie Hostel but Mister B. Gone does not fall into that category. It is about the word and the power of the word told through the confessional of a demon who has had a pretty bad lot in life. You can read the rest of the interview here. ( Source: Reuters UK (


Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on November 8, 2007 LEE THOMAS has announced that he has landed a three book deal with HARPERCOLLINS for a dark fantasy young adult series. Not exactly horror but Lee is a good friend and dark fantasy is close enough. Look for the first book EXILED soon.

Horror Literature Quarterly Issue 3/Fall 2007 Released

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on November 1, 2007 Issue 3/Fall 2007 of Horror Literature Quarterly is now available. Each issue is free with prior issues available only to registered members of Horror Literature Quarterly. Registration is free. Horror Literature Quarterly can be read in two different formats; on the website and via PDF. Horror Literature Quarterly will release the PDF version of each issue first and will place the stories on the website within two days of the PDF being released. You can click here to download the new issue. ( task=doc_download gid=3 Itemid=43) Between now and the final announcement of the Bram Stoker Award nominations, all the stories published at Horror Literature Quarterly will be available to the public without being a registered subscriber. HLQ is very proud of the stories and wants to make sure they are available for your consideration during the recommendation process. I hope you enjoy this new issue.

Issue 3/Fall 2007

Posted by Horror Literature Quarterly on November 1, 2007 Issue 3/Fall 2007 of Horror Literature Quarterly is now available. Each issue is free with prior issues available only to...

CEMETERY DANCE Brings Us Up to Date on Their Production Schedule

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on October 29, 2007 CEMETERY DANCE reports that they will be implementing a new commerce back end to their website in order to streamline processing of orders and enhancing their ability to serve their customers, One of the big changes we'll be making here at Cemetery Dance very soon is a transition to a new order management system. We've spent the last six months researching our options and preparing for the change, and this system is going to allow us to add capabilities that we've wanted and needed for years. For example, we'll be able to send shipping confirmations, most likely with tracking information, so you can know what's coming your way and when to expect it. There are a lot of other great features that will help us stay better organized behind the scenes, and we think this new system will be a good change for everyone involved. We'll post more details when the system goes live. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: This new order management system requires us to modify some elements of our website, including certain product codes, so if you have links to specific pages saved in your bookmarks or posted on your website, these URLs may be changing. Please double-check your links and email ( if you have any trouble finding anything on the site, or if you have any trouble placing an order, or if you find any outdated links on our website. Thanks! As we noted in our last production update, Richard Chizmar is now back in the office full-time after being gone much of the first half of the year due to a family illness. We appreciate everyone being so understanding of the delays this situation has caused, and for your outpouring of support. They also have updates to several books that are in the pipeline for being published in the coming weeks and months, We currently have sixteen books at the printer (including House Infernal (, Stephen King: A Primary Bibliography (, Thrillers 2 (, Shades (, Stephen King: The Non-Fiction (, The Story of Noichi the Blind (, The Dark Tower Concordance (, Occasional Demons (, Graven Image (, Vampyrrhic (, Vampyrrhic Rites (, and unannounced projects by authors such as Ray Garton, Brian Hodge, Jack Ketchum, and many others!) with nearly another dozen ready to go (many of them surprise, unannounced projects) and even more titles working their way through production. We're in a strong position to catch-up on a lot of the older titles over the next six months.CEMETERY DANCE MAGAZINE has suffered some delays but CEMETERY DANCE has stated that they will be shipping issue 58 in the next month and that issue 59 is in production. Also they have teased a new direction and reinvention of the magazine. More information when it becomes available. Other production updates include, King Blood ( by Simon Clark is being proofread right now, and Clark has the signature sheets to sign. We've heard there's a bit of a postal strike going on in the UK, but we expect the signature sheets will be safely returned by next month. You can now also see Alan Clark's amazing cover artwork on the product page. After the proofreading is completed, we'll send the book to the printer. Dark Delicacies ( edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb is just waiting on the final cover artwork and the signature sheets, which are circulating among the last of the authors. Century's Best ( proofreading continues, but with over 700,000 words (and 1600 or so pages), it's going to be a while longer until this one is ready for the printer. Many of the stories had to be typeset from original materials so they now have to be cross-checked against those originals. It's a slow process, but it'll be worth the effort. These two volumes are going to each be among the largest books we've ever published. The big news is that IN LAYMON'S TERMS is close to being finished. It is currently being copyedited and a few other minor details to be ironed out, In Laymon's Terms ( is being copyedited, and all we're waiting on is a couple more things from the editors and a few more remembrances, which we're expecting next month. As we mentioned last time, the signature sheets are already circulating among the THREE DOZEN+ contributors, and we hope to announce the table of contents later this year, as soon as the last of the contracts are issued. Gail Cross's title design for gak's cover artwork is now on display on the book's product page on the website.Other updates include news on Shocklines: Fresh Voices In Terror (, Cemetery Dance: A Fifteen Year Celebration (, and The Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners ( you can find the rest of this substantial production update at the Breaking News page on the CEMETERY DANCE website. ( Source: Cemetery Dance (


Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on October 29, 2007 CEMETERY DANCE has announced that they will be publishing a new collection of stories by AL SARRANTONIO. Halloween and Other Seasons ( you'll find: — Summer that never ends... — A sleepover that turns into an unending nightmare... — A Summer camp that offers a one-way ticket... — The strangest Halloween ever... All this and much, much more in Halloween and Other Seasons ( there's a neighborhood rivalry that grows to monstrous proportions; a hedgerow with an appetite; the ultimate Charles Fort story; and the end of the world — from the beginning. Halloween and Other Seasons ( contains 18 gems of weirdness, including Al Sarrantonio's very first published story. Sarrantonio first two Cemetery Dance collections, Toybox ( and Hornets and Others (, are out-of-print collector's items so don't be caught short. Join a writer who has been hailed as A writer of great stories (Ray Feist) and A very talented writer (The Washington Post). Deep in production and being proofread right now, Halloween and Other Seasons ( will give you a great dose of Halloween later this winter! But like all of our previous Sarrantonio books, this Limited Edition won't last long! Source: Cemetery Dance (

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