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Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on November 20, 2007 NECESSARY EVIL PRESS has announced that they will be publishing a new novel from JAMES A. MOORE. DEEPER is the first book by JAMES A. MOORE to be published through NECESSARY EVIL PRESS and it will be issued in two states; 500 Limited numbered hardcovers signed by James A. Moore and 26 Lettered deluxe hardcovers with a metal traycase signed by James A. Moore and Alan M. Clark (Each lettered copy will come with an original remarque from Alan M. Clark and a manuscript page from the story signed by Moore.) The lettered edition is already marked as sold out through the publisher. To coincide with the publication of DEEPER, NECESSARY EVIL PRESS will be publishing a short story by MOORE on their website. You can download the first chapter here. ( About DEEPER There are rumors that Golden Cove is haunted. That's why Joe Bierden and his crew are hired to take a group of scientists to the area for a month of research. For Joe, it's easy money. He plans to do a little fishing, some relaxing and simply enjoy the easiest gig of his life. At least that's the plan. Sometimes easy money isn't as easy as you expect. There are things moving in the water, and ghostly apparitions which seem undeniably real. Joe's problems get worse when he and his crew save a drowning girl who disappears only minutes later, and the scientific team captures an aquatic monster that appears almost…human. They drag it aboard and take it back to shore for experimentation, realizing only too late that the monster has a family who wants it back. A very, very big family. All the whispers about Golden Cove and its strange inhabitants are as true today as they were when the little fishing village had a different name and a truly dark reputation. Those who thought that the horror in Innsmouth had been vanquished one-hundred years ago were wrong. And it just might cost Joe and his colleagues their lives. Deeper: Sometimes there's nowhere to go but down.Source: Necessary Evil Press (

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