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Clive Barker’s Jericho

Posted by horror in on October 11, 2007 Clive Barker's Jericho Jericho is a squad-based action/horror game based on an original concept and story by acclaimed horror writer and film maker Clive Barker. The most ancient of evils has broken through into our world and is threatening to spread its taint across the whole of the earth unless it's stopped. At ground zero lies the Middle Eastern city of Al-Khali, a modern city built atop the ancient ruins of a dozen previous conquerors. All attempts of contacting the citizens of the city have failed. With tensions already running high in the region, this is just the sort of thing that could trigger the apocalypse. In Clive Barker's Jericho, players assume the role of the leader of the Jericho Squad - a seven man Special Forces strike team that protects U.S. interests against paranormal threats. Each member of the squad is an expert in modern warfare as well as their own different para-psychological disciplines, including clairvoyance, alchemy, blood magic, exorcism, etc. Players must lead the Jericho Squad into the flaming ruins of the city, moving block by block towards the dimensional rift tearing away at its heart. Along the way, they encounter the horrific armies of hellish denizens that now rule the city and corrupt everything they touch. As players incrementally approach the source of evil, they will have to rely less and less on traditional weapons and instead focus on the combined psychic talents of the Jericho Squad.

Video Game: All-action FPS combined with darkest horror, modern weapons & paranormal powers, Squad gameplay that adds tension and action and switch between & play all seven squad members, Control over a dozen supernatural weapons and abilities at a time through squad mechanics, Each character has unique paranormal abilities, Horror and action like nothing you've seen before
Company: Warner Bros (2007-10-23)
List Price:Â $39.99
Amazon Price:Â $37.99
Used Price:Â $30.00

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