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CLIVE BARKER Interview with REUTERS: Horror Needs More Fantasy

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on November 8, 2007 CLIVE BARKER has a new interview with Reuters UK for his new book MISTER B GONE. NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - The rise of horror movies dubbed torture porn has author Clive Barker wary about people using the H-word around his work. British-born Barker, 55, has written about 20 books, earning himself the title of the father of fantasy horror, with his writing characterized by hidden fantastical worlds and the role of the supernatural. His latest book, Mister B. Gone, starts with fiendish narrator Jakabok Botch imploring readers to: Burn This Book and vowing to release the full force of his blood lust if he doesn't get his way. Q: So you wouldn't call your books horror? A: I am not sure the H word -- horror -- is terribly useful. I think it is fine if you are describing the movie Hostel but Mister B. Gone does not fall into that category. It is about the word and the power of the word told through the confessional of a demon who has had a pretty bad lot in life. You can read the rest of the interview here. ( Source: Reuters UK (

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