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CEMETERY DANCE Brings Us Up to Date on Their Production Schedule

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on October 29, 2007 CEMETERY DANCE reports that they will be implementing a new commerce back end to their website in order to streamline processing of orders and enhancing their ability to serve their customers, One of the big changes we'll be making here at Cemetery Dance very soon is a transition to a new order management system. We've spent the last six months researching our options and preparing for the change, and this system is going to allow us to add capabilities that we've wanted and needed for years. For example, we'll be able to send shipping confirmations, most likely with tracking information, so you can know what's coming your way and when to expect it. There are a lot of other great features that will help us stay better organized behind the scenes, and we think this new system will be a good change for everyone involved. We'll post more details when the system goes live. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: This new order management system requires us to modify some elements of our website, including certain product codes, so if you have links to specific pages saved in your bookmarks or posted on your website, these URLs may be changing. Please double-check your links and email ( if you have any trouble finding anything on the site, or if you have any trouble placing an order, or if you find any outdated links on our website. Thanks! As we noted in our last production update, Richard Chizmar is now back in the office full-time after being gone much of the first half of the year due to a family illness. We appreciate everyone being so understanding of the delays this situation has caused, and for your outpouring of support. They also have updates to several books that are in the pipeline for being published in the coming weeks and months, We currently have sixteen books at the printer (including House Infernal (, Stephen King: A Primary Bibliography (, Thrillers 2 (, Shades (, Stephen King: The Non-Fiction (, The Story of Noichi the Blind (, The Dark Tower Concordance (, Occasional Demons (, Graven Image (, Vampyrrhic (, Vampyrrhic Rites (, and unannounced projects by authors such as Ray Garton, Brian Hodge, Jack Ketchum, and many others!) with nearly another dozen ready to go (many of them surprise, unannounced projects) and even more titles working their way through production. We're in a strong position to catch-up on a lot of the older titles over the next six months.CEMETERY DANCE MAGAZINE has suffered some delays but CEMETERY DANCE has stated that they will be shipping issue 58 in the next month and that issue 59 is in production. Also they have teased a new direction and reinvention of the magazine. More information when it becomes available. Other production updates include, King Blood ( by Simon Clark is being proofread right now, and Clark has the signature sheets to sign. We've heard there's a bit of a postal strike going on in the UK, but we expect the signature sheets will be safely returned by next month. You can now also see Alan Clark's amazing cover artwork on the product page. After the proofreading is completed, we'll send the book to the printer. Dark Delicacies ( edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb is just waiting on the final cover artwork and the signature sheets, which are circulating among the last of the authors. Century's Best ( proofreading continues, but with over 700,000 words (and 1600 or so pages), it's going to be a while longer until this one is ready for the printer. Many of the stories had to be typeset from original materials so they now have to be cross-checked against those originals. It's a slow process, but it'll be worth the effort. These two volumes are going to each be among the largest books we've ever published. The big news is that IN LAYMON'S TERMS is close to being finished. It is currently being copyedited and a few other minor details to be ironed out, In Laymon's Terms ( is being copyedited, and all we're waiting on is a couple more things from the editors and a few more remembrances, which we're expecting next month. As we mentioned last time, the signature sheets are already circulating among the THREE DOZEN+ contributors, and we hope to announce the table of contents later this year, as soon as the last of the contracts are issued. Gail Cross's title design for gak's cover artwork is now on display on the book's product page on the website.Other updates include news on Shocklines: Fresh Voices In Terror (, Cemetery Dance: A Fifteen Year Celebration (, and The Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners ( you can find the rest of this substantial production update at the Breaking News page on the CEMETERY DANCE website. ( Source: Cemetery Dance (

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