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BRIAN KEENE Updates Us on His 2008 Publishing Schedule

Posted by Horror Fiction News Network on December 26, 2007 BRIAN KEENE (The Rising ( tag=horficnewnet-20 linkCode=as2 camp=1789 creative=9325 creativeASIN=0843952016), Dead Sea ( tag=horficnewnet-20 linkCode=as2 camp=1789 creative=9325 creativeASIN=084395860X), Ghoul ( tag=horficnewnet-20 linkCode=as2 camp=1789 creative=9325 creativeASIN=0843956445)) has updated us on his publication schedule for 2008. He includes works that are set with dates to be published in 2008 as well as work that have no set publication dates but expect to be released in this coming year. 2008 TITLES WITH PUBLICATION DATES: The Little Silver Book of Streetwise Stories ( Borderlands Press Publication Date: January 08 This 20,000 word short story collection is part of Borderlands' 'Little Book' series. Intended to be a 'best of', it actually features more new stories than old, including the tale of Ob versus Santa Claus, and a sequel to I Am An Exit . Dark Hollow ( cat=251 page=1) Leisure Books Publication Date: February 08 This is an affordable, mass-market paperback edition of my out of print and hard-to-find novel, The Rutting Season. There are no textual changes, but if you already own a copy of The Rutting Season, I hope that you'll do me a favor and pick up this version as well. If you do, at the end, you'll find an exclusive preview of Ghost Walk. Sales copy: Something strange is happening in LeHorn's Hollow. Eerie piping music is heard at night and mysterious fires blaze deep in the woods. Women are vanishing overnight without a trace, leaving behind their families. When up-and-coming novelist Adam Senft stumbles upon the secret, it plunges him and the entire town into the midst of an ancient nightmare. Folks say LeHorn's Hollow is haunted, but what waits there is far worse than any ghost. It has been summoned... and now it demands to be satisfied. 2008 TITLES WITHOUT PUBLICATION DATES: The River This short story, based on the song by Bruce Springsteen, appears in an anthology called Darkness on the Edge, forthcoming in 2008 from PS Publishing. Untitled This short story, set in the Hellboy universe, appears in a forthcoming 2008 anthology called Hellboy: Oddest Jobs. House of Ushers This short story, set in Edward Lee's version of Hell, appears in an untitled anthology of Edward Lee tribute stories, forthcoming in 2008 from Necro Publications. Halves White Noise Press This 6,000 word chapbook is a story about a stray cat, an imaginary friend, and what happens when somebody leaves a door to the Labyrinth hanging wide open. You can see the rest of the publication schedule at his website. ( Source: Brian Keene (

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