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Berserk, Volume 16

Posted by horror comics in on May 16, 2007 Berserk, Volume 16 Warrior supreme Guts has been marked for sacrifice to the armies of the damned, and now he has the blood of a village of possessed children on his hands - a horde of elf-demons straight out of a fairy-tale fever dream. But now Guts must deal with the Queen of the Elves herself, and though she may be cute as a button, she has hideous power and lethal intent, and in her wake, no one lives happily ever after!

Author:Â Kentaro Miura
Paperback:Â 240 pages
Company:Â Dark Horse/Digital Manga (Dark Horse)Â (2007-03-28)
ISBN:Â 1593077068
List Price:Â $13.95
Amazon Price:Â $6.80
Used Price:Â $6.99

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