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For a Few Demons More (Rachel Morgan, Book 5)

Posted by horror in on May 15, 2007 For a Few Demons More (Rachel Morgan, Book 5) With her action-packed Hollows series, featuring former bounty hunter--and mistress of the dark arts--Rachel Morgan, Kim Harrison has become one of the hottest authors in the incredibly popular genre of sexy supernaturalism. In her latest Hollows tale, For a Few Dollars More, Rachel unleashes all kinds of undead fury on the greater Cincinnati area when she tries to track down a serial killer. To catch up on the Hollows series so far, and to see the music that has inspired the stories, see below.

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Music Is the Muse

For Kim Harrison, music inspires her stories, and especially her characters. In her exclusive Music Is the Muse list for us, she reveals some favorite records that have provided the source, and the soul, for Rachel, Ivy, Trent, and more of her passionate and powerful characters. Among her muses:

Bleed Like Me, Garbage

With Teeth, Nine Inch Nails

Fallen, Evanescence

Author:Â Kim Harrison
Hardcover:Â 456 pages
Company: Eos (2007-03-01) (2007-03-20)
ISBN:Â 0060788380
List Price:Â $21.95
Amazon Price:Â $5.51
Used Price:Â $4.25

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